Peter & Wei, First Time Home Buyers

Teresa was ESSENTIAL to our successful home-buying experience!! Her work ethic and thoughtfulness for her clients is evident from the very beginning. She listened to what we were looking for in a home – our must-haves, our maybes, and our dislikes. Every week she would drive us out to see three or four properties and walk through the house with us to hear what we liked and disliked about each property. If there was another property we wanted to see, she would ALWAYS make it happen. Often she would get us in to see a property within 24 hours of us sending her the address. Time is vital in a seller’s market and Teresa understands that and works hard to get her buyers in to see hot properties quickly.

Teresa is so amazing at negotiating and navigating the market that our VERY FIRST offer was accepted! WOW! I couldn’t believe how smoothly everything went for us. She was great at negotiating in our favor during escrow. With her extensive knowledge, she was able to educate us about every step and provide her own opinion about the appraisal, home inspection, contracts, and every other aspect you can think of. Seriously, every step of the way she was there to give us advice. She gives you as much information as she can to make sure that you are comfortable with your decisions.

Not only is Teresa extremely hard-working, but she has contacts within the industry that are as hard-working and responsive as she is. Honestly, everything that Teresa brings to the table plays a huge role in your journey as a home buyer. From her recommended financial contacts to her handyman and even her locksmith, Teresa will make a WORLD of difference for you! We are so happy that we found her!