Steven, Seller

I can’t start to say how happy I am with Teresa Vo! She is just an awesome person and an awesome broker.

Long story short, I was appointed trustee of my grandparents trust after my grandmother passed back in October and the successor trustee failed in his duties and after a terrible experience with the previous agent who was hired by that prior trustee and who just hell to deal with.

My very good friend Bobby introduced to Teresa and gave me confidence that she was the broker to work with in selling my family home. We had a couple of meetings and Teresa came in gave me the guidance I needed to get the property ready and up for sale, so we could maximize my grandparents legacy. (she gave me, a check list of sort and a week to get it all done.)

One week later she came in took photos re-listed the home and off we went. In the first three days of having the house listed we must have had 20 showings and several offers. 3 of these offers were at full list and on the 4th day on the market one of those offers stepped up and submitted a final offer and it was more than list and day 5 rolled around and we are in escrow, 30 days later and the house is sold.

(I’m thinking this is too good to be true! The other agent had the pace listed for like 4 months and nothing.)

I really can’t thank Teresa enough for helping me sell my family home and being able to carry on my grandparents legacy!

Thank you, thank you!